5 best travel insurance 2018

5 best travel insurance 2018 – If you like traveling to historic places or likes traveling to new places, must be very fun. Traveling can indeed eliminate the stress, but you have to know. The trip also takes a fitting, as well as health care.

Usually tourists, experiencing fever or pain. Because the weather temperature is different from their country of origin, usually accustomed to cold weather, keep on

travelling to tropical countries. Or maybe we’re traveling, keep on going on an accident that requires you to stay overnight in the hospital. Surely all it took preparation mature isn’t it ?,ranging from clothes to life insurance,passport to travel.

This is the 5 Best Travel Insurance 2018

1. Generali Global Assistance

Generali Global Assistance trip insurance (formerly CSA Travel Protection) is an excellent service. It offers plans with higher coverage and more features than comparable plans from other trip insurance companies at prices that are, at least in our test cases, below the average by tens to hundreds of dollars. It can provide emergency cash and reimbursements for lost prescriptions, and it offers consultation services with U.S.-based doctors. Only a few of the travel insurance agencies offer these services. For these reasons, it has earned our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

We evaluated plans for three vacations: a Mississippi cruise for seniors, a vacation in France for a couple in their 40s and an Antarctic adventure for a couple in their 20s. As with most trip insurances, prices were most likely to vary by the age of travelers rather than location or state of residence. Overall, Generali’s prices for these trips ran below average, sometimes by hundreds of dollars.

Nonetheless, the coverage was at or above the plans for most of the other companies we reviewed. Of particular note was the lost luggage reimbursement, which capped at $3,000 – higher than any other plan we looked at. If you are taking expensive filming or sports equipment or have valuable jewelry, you’ll want to consider this plan. The trip delay and missed connection compensations run higher than most plans as well.

You will get some benefits from the Global Generali life insurance Assistance. Among them : Trip Cancellation & Interruption,Emergency Medical Benefits,Claim Filing Process very fast.

2. Travel Safe

TravelSafe offers comprehensive travel insurance, with high payout caps, several plans and prices near or below average of the companies we reviewed. It offers four different types of plans, including one that deals with medical issues only. Within each type of plan, you have several choices available to you. TravelSafe offers the most choices of all the insurance plans we reviewed. The insurance was cheaper than most plans we priced and the coverage just as good, and in some cases better, than the other trip insurances we examined. For its variety and value, TravelSafe earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

This trip insurance agency offers four different plans. The Vacation Plan has basic coverage, while the Explorer Plan offers the same features, but with higher maximums. The Medical Only plan does not cover trip cancellations and other non-medical issues. The Group Plan provides coverage for travelers in groups of 10 or more, which is good for clubs or large families traveling together. Each plan has different levels of coverage.

The price difference depends mostly on age. We priced plans for travelers in their 20s, 40s and 60s and found policy prices at or below average of the other trip insurance agencies we reviewed.

3. USI Affinity

USI Affinity offers a single travel insurance plan with three levels to cover your trip cancellation and medical needs whether you are traveling in the U.S. or abroad. Its overall coverage is comparable to the other agencies we reviewed and includes accidental death and dismemberment (also called flight accident). It has options available with higher plans for car rental insurance, and it can pay for replacing prescriptions. With some extras, like assistance in recovering from identity theft, this trip insurance company earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

USI has some of the cheapest plans of the insurance companies we evaluated. It offers only three plans, so the biggest factor in price was the age of the recipients rather than the location of your trip. The prices we found were several hundred dollars lower than the average for the agencies we tested, making it a good deal if you are looking for inexpensive insurance that covers the basics. It also has a few extras, like accidental death and dismemberment coverage if you are in a flight accident.

However, a cheaper price means some things are not covered. USI does not cover your change fees if you have to change your flight, nor are you covered for trip cancellations caused by your airline or tour company going bankrupt.

This trip insurance also comes with concierge services to help you find a hotel or to recommend a good restaurant. A useful extra benefit is identity theft assistance if your wallet is lost or stolen. The company helps you obtain credit report records so you can keep track of your credit rating to ensure there are no erroneous charges.

4. Seven Corners


Seven Corners offers travel plans for domestic trips or travel abroad, although the coverage does not change in either case. This travel insurance company offers comprehensive plans with excellent coverage of the basics, plus extra situations not handled by many of the companies we reviewed.

The first thing we noticed about Seven Corners’ quote process is its questionnaire. It took us through several cases, yet brought us back to the same plans whether we wanted a domestic or international trip. We saw this with several insurance plans, where the same plans are branded for different situations. It’s not an unusual feature, but it gives the impression the company offers more variety than it actually does.

Nonetheless, the four plans the website offered are comprehensive, and when we priced them for our different trips, we found the rates competitive with the other trip insurances we reviewed. As with most insurances, age played the biggest factor in price, and in Seven Corners’ case, the prices were above average for the trip we proposed for a couple in their 60s.

Trip cancellation and interruption coverage are well in the norm. Seven Corners lists a cap of $50,000 for cancellations, where other insurances say “100 percent.” We don’t consider this a slight disadvantage, however, as this clause is for prepaid, non-refundable expenses, which in most cases should not exceed $50,000 a person. This trip insurance agency covers cancellations if your carrier or travel agency goes into financial default and cancels your trip. It also has a Cancel for Any Reason clause. Like other agencies that offer this feature, that feature covers 75 percent of your prepaid, non-refundable expenses, rather than the full amount.

The medical insurance coverage is average for the top travel insurances we reviewed. Of special note is that it can advance hospital fees to ensure you get the care you need, but it does not reimburse you for lost or stolen prescription medications. However, this agency can assist you in getting them refilled. It does not have a doctor’s hotline for consulting with a U.S.-based doctor. Seven Corners does not reimburse you for non-medical emergency evacuations. MH Ross is one of the companies that offers this service.

This travel insurance agency insures rental cars with some plans as well as accidental death and dismemberment in case you are in a flight accident. Its cap on Accidental Death and Dismemberment is one of the lowest, however: $10,000 if you lose your limbs, sight or hearing, or if you are killed.

They say, “What happens in Vegas (or Europe or wherever), stays there,” but that doesn’t mean you should purposely get into trouble. However, if something untoward happens and you find yourself in jail, Seven Corners can advance you bail money. It also advances funds for emergency cash, in case someone steals your wallet or you lose your funds.

The claims process seems about as easy as most. You can download the forms online. The forms contain lists of documents you need to make the claim. It’d be a good idea to check these out ahead of time and read our tips on preparing for a claim. Seven Corners has 24/7 English-speaking phone assistance. We contacted Seven Corners by chat support to find out how many days you have to cancel a policy if needed and they told us they would email us the information. At the time of publishing we had not yet received that information.

5. Allianz Global Assistance


Allianz makes it simple to sign up for travel insurance and file claims if you have an incident. Its plans are competitive with those of the top trip insurance companies we reviewed, although they lack a couple of features offered by the higher-tier services. The prices are somewhat higher as well.

We priced three different trips: seniors going on a Mississippi cruise, a middle-aged couple touring France and a young couple on an Antarctic adventure. The quote process was easy, and while it claimed that prices might vary by state, we didn’t find that to be the case. In fact, age was the biggest factor in price, even more than travel location. Overall, Allianz’s premiums were somewhat higher than average for the trips we evaluated.

The coverage is well within the norm as far as the maximum amount covered. The delay compensation is higher than average, something to consider if you suspect you might have flight delays, such as during hurricane season or a harsh winter. It offers $250 reimbursement of change fees if for some reason you need to get different tickets, and up to $250 reimbursement for reinstatement fees if you used your frequent flyer or reward points to purchase your tickets and have to cancel.

The medical coverage and emergency medical evacuation coverage is within the norm, though a little lower than average. Of note is that it does not place a limit on dental coverage. Most have a cap at $750. Dental covers damage to your natural teeth caused by an accident, not replacement of artificial work such as lost bridges. Allianz does not reimburse you for lost medications either. The pre-existing conditions waiver is one of the lowest of the plans we reviewed – 14 days – which is a concern if you are buying your insurance early. Generali Global Assistance has by far the best pre-existing conditions waiver we saw at 180 days.

You can get coverage for rental cars, and Allianz offers concierge services, including contacting family and friends to inform them if you are sick or injured or to arrange for them to send you emergency cash if your money is lost or stolen.

The company offers several tools to help you file your claim successfully, including a how-to video, checklists with the type of documentation you’ll need and even sample documents so you can get an idea of what the documentation may look like and contain. This is important because your claim can be denied if a form lacks specific information, such as if your tickets don’t show the departure or return dates.

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